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At Red Barn Ranch and Labradors, LLC, we strive to produce puppies that are physically and mentally sound. When we have puppies available we want to place those puppies in loving committed homes. We do our best, through our Client Questionnaire and other means, to ensure a good match between the personality of prospective owners and our puppies.

We are a family owned and operated business and we believe in the family concept when it comes to our puppy clients. Our questionnaire serves the purpose of helping us become better acquainted with people interested in joining the RBRandL family. It presents us with a more complete picture of what you are looking for in a dog and helps us match you, as a potential client, with a dog that will ultimately turn out to be the dog that you desire.

This questionnaire in no way constitutes a contract on our part that there will be a Labrador Retriever puppy available for you, nor do your responses serve as the sole determinant of whether or not a Lab puppy will be offered. There are no right or wrong answers!

While we always keep in mind a prospective client’s color and gender preference, we do not place our puppies in homes based solely on those preferences. We evaluate our puppies from day one and we place puppies based on a wide variety of factors including temperament, natural instinct, and suitability. We’ll ask you to identify the traits you are looking for in your Lab and we will select a puppy for you that matches your personality preference . Though you can not handle the pups until they are four weeks old, you can come and observe the litter. After four weeks, individual personalities develop and at the age of seven weeks we perform puppy aptitude testing to better match you with the perfect puppy. We encourage visits, phone calls, and e-mails from our puppy families.

For those unable to visit, we will post progress reports and pictures on our RBRandL Facebook page and our website as often as possible. If you have questions about a particular pup give us a call.

A deposit on a puppy ensures that you will be considered as a prospective home and we reserve the right to choose not to place a puppy in a prospective home. In the event that we choose not to place a puppy in your home, your deposit will be returned. If we do not have a puppy available to suit your needs you have the option of applying your deposit towards our next available litter of puppies or having your deposit refunded. Otherwise, deposits are non-refundable.

In order to promote responsible breeding practices we sell our puppies on a Limited Registration (non-breeding contract). This means that if the dog is bred, the resulting offspring will not be recognized or able to be registered with the AKC or any other organization. We will, under specific circumstances and with an outstanding puppy, agree in writing to lift this Limited Registration once you meet specific criteria. We will discuss this with you if you are interested in breeding a prospective puppy.


Please complete our Client Questionnaire:


First Name: Last Name:



City: State: Zip Code:

Home Phone: Cell Phone: Work Phone:

How did you find us?

Why do you want to own a Labrador Retriever?

What qualities would you like in your Labrador?

What qualities would you not like in your Labrador?

Please list any areas of interest you plan to pursue with your Labrador (Obedience, Rally, Agility, Hunting, Therapy Dog, etc.)

Please list your color and gender preference. (Black/Chocolate, Male/Female)

If your first preference is not available, are you willing to accept another puppy? If so, list in order of preference the color and gender you are willing to accept.

Have you owned a Labrador before?

Are you familiar with dog crates and their use in training?

Do you plan to crate train your puppy?

Do you understand the difference between Limited Registration and Full Registration?

Are you willing to take responsibility for the dog for the next 10 years or more?

Who will care for this dog if you should become incapacitated, temporarily or permanently?

What will happen to the dog in the event of divorce, separation, or death?

Do you plan to enroll your puppy in at least one structured obedience class?

Are you willing to stay in contact with the breeder for the life of the dog and to provide updates?

Please feel free to add anything that you think would help us in choosing the right puppy for you.

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