Pregnancy Confirmed

An ultrasound performed by Dr. Grayson Wallace of North Oatlands Animal Hospital confirmed Annie’s pregnancy. Annie’s ‘whelping window’ is from May 17th – 19th. We are very excited about this J.B. x Annie litter.

This litter is SOLD-OUT.

J.B. x Annie

We are anxiously waiting Annie’s ultrasound to confirm puppies.

Our Bolo x Tilly 2018 Litter Has Arrived!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our most recent litter!

Each breeding here at Red Barn Ranch and Labradors, LLC, is special to us. We take our time researching and selecting stud dogs. When Sandy met Wendy Bonello of Cresthill Kennels a new friendship was forged and we discovered several wonderful stud dogs, with all the qualities and health clearances we look for in a stud dog. After meeting Bolo, CAN/UKC/AKC Ch Von Hausman’s Bowl Me Over JH, Sandy knew he was THE stud we wanted to use for a litter of puppies with Tilly.

Our first Bolo x Tilly litter of puppies was born in May 2016. We were so pleased with those puppies, their health, conformation, and temperaments, we repeated the breeding in 2017, and our second Bolo X Tilly litter was born last October. Once again, we were delighted with the puppies. So, when it came time to plan a fourth and final litter of puppies for Tilly, it was an easy decision.

This is Tilly’s fourth litter, and our third (and final) Bolo x Tilly litter. We have no doubt that these puppies will follow in the paw prints of their older siblings. And, they’ve got big paws to fill!

We present to you, The Excellent Eight! Two yellow females, two black females, and four black males.

To see live feed through our Nest Cam, visit our “Latest News” page.

Puppies Coming Soon

About To Pop

Tilly’s puppies will be here soon. Her due date is June 2nd +/- 24-48 hours, though this litter will be delivered via c-section. We have an appointment on 1 June for reverse progesterone testing to determine how close Tilly is to going into labor. If her progesterone is so low that it indicates labor is imminent, we will go ahead with the c-section on Friday. If not, we will return on June 2nd for another progesterone test.

At this point in the pregnancy the puppies are fairly well-developed. They now have fur and we can easily feel and see them moving. It is pretty amazing! Their heartbeats can be heard with a stethoscope too.

We are monitoring Tilly’s temperature a couple of times a day. A temperature drop below 99 degrees is an indication that whelping will begin within 24-hours.

Despite her girth, Tilly is still quite active and enjoys our daily walks. She also remains playful with the other dogs. Tilly also spends a great deal of time napping on the cool tiles on our kitchen floor. She’s resting up the for job to come.

We are excited to welcome another litter of pups to the RBRandL Family.

Tilly’s Pregnancy Confirmed


We are pleased and excited to share that we have confirmation of Tilly’s pregnancy. An ultrasound today, done by Dr. Valeria Rickard, of North Oatlands Animal Hospital, revealed at least six puppies. It is always a joy to see those little hearts beating.

We are accepting deposit now and expect this litter to sell out quickly. Visit “Puppies and Planned Breedings” for detailed information.

Puppies Are Here

Tilly delivered a litter of three lovely puppies on 7 May 2015. Mother and pups are doing well. We’ve got a chocolate male, chocolate female, and a black male.

We are excited for the families that will be taking these pups home in late June.

Job well done Tilly. Way to go!

Kenny X Tillly May 2015 005(2)

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