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Growth in a business is a good thing, and business here at Red Barn Ranch and Labradors, LLC, is growing at a steady rate. Keeping up with day to day communications, especially puppy inquiries, has been challenging. With the interest in our breeding program at an all time high, we came to the decision to hire and Executive Assistant. Our search for an assistant didn’t take us far, and we are pleased to announce that our lovely daughter-in-law, Keryn, is joining the RBRandL Team.

Growing up, Keryn’s family always had a canine companion, and that makes it all the more special for her that she will be helping others find their perfect family fit in a Labrador from Red Barn Ranch and Labradors, LLC.

Keryn’s professional experiences have proven her to have a particular gift for customer service and communications. She even received three consecutive yearly awards for said services. We have no doubt that Keryn will continue raising the bar in her service to our customers.

Keryn never hesitates to jump in here on the farm, be it Labradors, sheep, or cattle. And Keryn and her husband, Chris, Jr., have taken over raising chickens. All of this while raising our grandson!

We truly are a family owned and operated business.

How To Improve Your Breeding Program

If you are ready to take your breeding program to the next level you need to seriously consider investing in an Avidog Membership. Until you have experienced Avidog, you can’t begin to appreciate what a membership will mean to you, your breeding program, your breeding stock, and the puppies you produce.

I’d been breeding Labradors for 16 years when I made the decision to attend an Avidog seminar. I’ll be honest, I’d been looking at Avidog for sometime and was hesitant to make the investment in a course. When a seminar came fairly close to home, the proximity and the affordable price, made it a no-brainer to attend. I was BLOWN away by that seminar.

Even so – I was hesitant to make a financial investment in ”Your Litter A to Z”, thinking that my years as a breeder certainly gave me an ‘edge’. So, at that workshop I purchased the APET (Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test)  course, Introduction to Transformational Dog Breeding, and the puppy rearing course.

Once home I poured myself into each course and quickly realized that A2Z was going to be a MUST. So, with a bitch in heat, I purchased A2Z, and did my best to keep up with each week’s lesson, while dealing with runs to the vet for progesterone tests, visits to the stud, etc. Oh how I wished that I had made the investment well in advance of the heat cycle and puppies arriving. Trust me – you want to study A2Z in advance and be well-prepared going into a heat cycle and breeding.

I have increased litter size, reduce instances of mastitis, produced puppies with sound temperaments, enhanced my reputation as a breeder with my buyers and with veterinarians, and – one of the most unexpected benefits I have experienced is developing incredible friendships and bonds with fellow breeders.

The level of support one receives through a membership in Avidog is truly priceless. A yearly membership is about 1/4th the price of a puppy. Doesn’t your breeding program deserve investment of finances and time? Think about it – if you increase litter size, save the lives of puppies, etc., your financial investment pays off and you recoup your investment sizably.

If you are just getting started – you owe it to yourself and the program you hope to build to get started right. If you’ve been breeding for years and think you know it all, guess again. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Gayle Watkins, Marcy Burke, and Lise Pratt, my undying gratitude. You are generous to a fault and I love you!

So, what are you waiting for? JUST DO IT! 

if you wonder if this is real and honest – send me a PM. I will give you my phone number and you can call me!

Pregnancy Confirmed

An ultrasound performed by Dr. Grayson Wallace of North Oatlands Animal Hospital confirmed Annie’s pregnancy. Annie’s ‘whelping window’ is from May 17th – 19th. We are very excited about this J.B. x Annie litter.

This litter is SOLD-OUT.

J.B. x Annie

We are anxiously waiting Annie’s ultrasound to confirm puppies.

Our Bolo x Tilly 2018 Litter Has Arrived!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our most recent litter!

Each breeding here at Red Barn Ranch and Labradors, LLC, is special to us. We take our time researching and selecting stud dogs. When Sandy met Wendy Bonello of Cresthill Kennels a new friendship was forged and we discovered several wonderful stud dogs, with all the qualities and health clearances we look for in a stud dog. After meeting Bolo, CAN/UKC/AKC Ch Von Hausman’s Bowl Me Over JH, Sandy knew he was THE stud we wanted to use for a litter of puppies with Tilly.

Our first Bolo x Tilly litter of puppies was born in May 2016. We were so pleased with those puppies, their health, conformation, and temperaments, we repeated the breeding in 2017, and our second Bolo X Tilly litter was born last October. Once again, we were delighted with the puppies. So, when it came time to plan a fourth and final litter of puppies for Tilly, it was an easy decision.

This is Tilly’s fourth litter, and our third (and final) Bolo x Tilly litter. We have no doubt that these puppies will follow in the paw prints of their older siblings. And, they’ve got big paws to fill!

We present to you, The Excellent Eight! Two yellow females, two black females, and four black males.

To see live feed through our Nest Cam, visit our “Latest News” page.

Puppies Coming Soon

About To Pop

Tilly’s puppies will be here soon. Her due date is June 2nd +/- 24-48 hours, though this litter will be delivered via c-section. We have an appointment on 1 June for reverse progesterone testing to determine how close Tilly is to going into labor. If her progesterone is so low that it indicates labor is imminent, we will go ahead with the c-section on Friday. If not, we will return on June 2nd for another progesterone test.

At this point in the pregnancy the puppies are fairly well-developed. They now have fur and we can easily feel and see them moving. It is pretty amazing! Their heartbeats can be heard with a stethoscope too.

We are monitoring Tilly’s temperature a couple of times a day. A temperature drop below 99 degrees is an indication that whelping will begin within 24-hours.

Despite her girth, Tilly is still quite active and enjoys our daily walks. She also remains playful with the other dogs. Tilly also spends a great deal of time napping on the cool tiles on our kitchen floor. She’s resting up the for job to come.

We are excited to welcome another litter of pups to the RBRandL Family.

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