Basic Beginning

Put your best paw forward with our Basic Beginning Program

Sadie & Misty

This program helps you develop a sound relationship with your dog and establishes your leaderships position, so that your dog learns to pay attention, to have responsibility for his behavior, discipline, and  accountability, which means that you can take pride in your dog and enjoy his company. 

You’ll have the benefit of working with your personal dog trainer as you gain the confidence to work with your dog, while your dog develops essential behaviors, including self-control.

Commands and behaviors include sit, down, stand, stay (in each of the previous positions), heel, come, leave-it, place, and a self-control exercise.

This program comes with detailed training instructions, unlimited support during training via e-mail, text messages, or by phone, and long-term support through our Life-time Support Guarantee*.

This all inclusive program is typically completed in about 6 lessons.

For dogs 16 weeks and older.

Commands and Behaviors Include:


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