FUNdamental First Year

The “I Want It All” program for your puppy’s first full year.

Adding a puppy to your home is a time of excitement, joy, and happiness. It can also be a time of stress as your rambunctious new companion makes the transition into your home. Your puppy will learn many things while growing up and teaching your puppy the fundamentals in the first year will give you years of enjoyment with your canine companion.

As with our other programs, you’ll have the undivided attention of your personal trainer as you learn to teach your puppy how to live in harmony in your home. You get the benefits of each of the programs we offer – yes, each of the programs, from Puppy Primer to The Ultimate.

Training takes you and your puppy through every aspect and objective of the Puppy Primer, Basic Beginning, Team Work, and the Firm Foundation.

As with all our programs, you also receive detailed training instruction, unlimited support during training via e-mail, text messages, or by phone, and long-term support through our Life-time Support Guarantee*.

This all inclusive program allows for a full year to work through training, but can typically be completed within 32 lessons.

For puppies 8 weeks and older. It is recommended that this program is started no later than 12 weeks of age.

Commands and Behaviors Include:

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