Max Moseley

Red Barn Ranch and Labradors Testimonial

15 July 2013

Four years ago this month our beloved Labrador passed away. Her loss left a tremendous hole in our family. That week we came upon a brochure for Red Barn Ranch and Labradors. We called Sandy on a Thursday and she was only too happy to allow us to visit with her and the Labradors that Saturday.

It was a great experience being among such wonderful Labradors. It was very comforting to be able to see not only the prospective mother but also her siblings and her mother. In addition, their behavior was definitely in line with the Labrador Retriever’s tradition and reputation of being the finest family companions.

Sandy immediately demonstrated the tremendous dedication and love that she and her family put into breeding quality Labradors. She answered all the questions one should ask a breeder without being asked. In addition, she went over in detail how much extensive testing she puts the “girls” through and the requirements she needs the father to meet before she even considers breeding a couple. Furthermore, she openly showed us how the puppies are brought up in a clean and well maintained area of her home.

We put a deposit down for one of the RBR and L Labs as soon as we were able. Sandy kept us posted as the pregnancy progressed and when little Maximaura Marie was born, we were able to view almost daily pictures of her progress on the website. We were also encouraged to visit Max while she was “growing up.” We went to see Max three times and during each visit, we felt a great deal of confidence that we had made the right decision getting a Lab from Sandy.

After bringing Max home, Sandy was always there to answer questions and provide expert guidance. She also kept us posted of the progress of Max’s brothers and sisters at their new homes. When our veterinarian learned how Sandy kept us informed of Max’s siblings, he commented, “That’s the kind of breeder everyone should work with.”

Max is a true family companion. Her loyalty and unconditional love makes her the ideal family member. She loves to travel and has accompanied us on various business and pleasure trips. In addition, she was easily trained to act accordingly so that she can be taken to the office during work hours. Max’s playful demeanor also allows her to frequently provide comic relief.

We are truly thankful that we learned about Red Barn Ranch and Labradors and decided to receive one of their puppies. We have frequently recommended their Labs and as a result, one of our friends got his Labrador from Sandy. We know of no better place to get a Labrador Retriever.


Bill and Lynn Moseley

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