Why Volhard Dog Nutrition?

Several years ago when a contaminated dog food scare was in full swing, we began to study and research dog foods. While we found that the dry kibble we were feeding our Labradors was not affected by the recall, we came to understand that it was not the best choice in dog foods. We also came to the conclusion that dry kibble can be detrimental to a dog’s good health.

During our time of study and research, a friend recommended Wendy Volhard’s book, “Holistic Guide For A Healthy Dog”. After reading Wendy’s book, we came to the decision that a raw, natural diet was the absolute best choice for optimal health of our Labradors. Sandy then attended Wendy’s “Healthy Dog Conference”. The vast amount of knowledge she gained at the conference made it clear that a raw, natural diet was THE way to feed our Labradors.

One of the most profound things we learned in our studies is the fact that dry kibble takes up to 16 hours to digest. That means that if you feed your dog twice a day, his body is trying to digest that kibble 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to the “Holistic Guide For A Healthy Dog”, “semi-moist and dry dog foods sit in the stomach because there are not enough enzymes in the stomach to break them down. When this happens, enzymes are sent from the heart, the liver, the kidneys and other body parts to aid the stomach with digestion. This process is known as enzyme robbing”. Enzyme robbing is detrimental to the various organs from which enzymes are taken to aid the digestion process.

Many other factors went into our decision to transition our Labradors to a raw, natural diet and into our decision to feed Volhard Dog Nutrition. At puppy pick-up we give our puppy clients a copy of Wendy’s gook to help them understand the importance of proper nutrition for the optimal mental and physical health of their new Labrador. Wendy’s book offers a wealth of information about rearing a puppy naturally.

Our Labradors have always look good. Since switching to Volhard Dog Nutrition we have seen an improvement in their physical condition. This is evident by even healthier coats; less shedding; quicker recovery time post whelping, injury, or surgical procedure; and increased stamina. Feeding them naturally gives them stronger immune systems and they are better able to resist diseases and parasites. We believe that in feeding Volhard Dog Nutrition we are helping them live longer and healthier lives.


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